Let Us Help You Demonstrate Your Product or Service

It’s no good having the best product or the best service, if not enough people know about it. To be successful, you need an effective marketing campaign.


  • To put an explanation/demonstration advertisement ("advertorial") on TV has always cost a fortune, and right now there aren't any shows left that host advertorials!
  • To put a video online is costly and where would you even start? Most people put it into the too hard basket and give up.
  • Trade Shows are hit and miss at the best of times. Even before Covid it wasn’t an easy option to showcase your wares. They can be affected by the weather, and they are hyperlocal, so you have to travel all over the country. And they require staffing, making them even more expensive.

Now, it’s getting more difficult to do this – we don’t
view public gatherings the way we used to!

More and more, physical experiences now have their
digital versions. Instead of going to a department store,
or buying tickets and heading out to a trade show,
shoppers are more likely to simply head online to check
out a product or service.

And over 80% of what they see online is video. So, there
is the challenge… you know you need to be online, but
can you make a video that’s up to the same standards as
your product or service? And is it going to cost you that
extra arm or leg you can’t spare?

Fortunately, there’s PitchMe Online.

  • PitchMe Online is your end-to-end solution… from scripting to shooting to uploading
  • PitchMe Online gets you everywhere you need to be… YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and more
  • PitchMe Online creates compelling content... encouraging viewers to become shoppers

PitchMe Online draws on the skills of social media professionals, communications experts and production
specialists. Our studios are purpose-built for
broadcast-quality commercial shoots. And the best
news? You get to keep all your arms and legs.

Go YouTube… or go nowhere.

Okay, that may sound dramatic, but if your business is not being seen on the world’s most watched video channel… well, sooner or later you may not be seen at all.

Right now, more people are watching YouTube than any other media channel. They are also spending more time per visit than anywhere else, and browsing through more content on each of those visits.

And that’s why paying for advertising on YouTube is costly, and getting more expensive every day.

Until now!

PitchMe is not only the more cost-effective way to get your message on YouTube – it’s more effective, full-stop. With standard YouTube advertising, businesses are trying to cram their message into five seconds or less, because viewers simply click “skip ads” to get to the content they want… but when you promote your message on the PitchMe YouTube channel, you are the content they want!

Think about that, for a moment…

You get the incredible reach and viewership of YouTube, without paying YouTube’s eye-watering “per second” advertising fees. Your product or service is highlighted and demonstrated in detail over worthwhile minutes, not scant seconds. So, you get way more and you pay way less… it’s that simple.

PitchMe Online really is the Home Show that’s in every shopper’s home, and on everyone’s mobile phone, 24/7.

In-Studio Recording

90 minutes of studio time (located in Auckland)

  • 4-minute Episode
  • Fully scripted
  • Producer
  • Editor
  • With a Presenter
  • Autocue dialogue
  • Promotional coupon for PitchMe Shopping Audience
Presenter Promotion

Product featured in PitchMe Content segments

  • 2-minute Presentation


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What is PitchMe?

PitchMe Online is New Zealand's newest online shopping channel. We found that many products and services need demonstration for shoppers to fully understand the value. So we created a YouTube Channel devoted to showcasing all the products and services we love - with deals and discounts for PitchMe followers

Why are we doing PitchMe

2022 has been a difficult year already for New Zealand companies. Many trade shows that would normally be so important for showcasing products and services have been cancelled. The future for public gatherings is unclear. Meantime, online shopping is going from strength to strength. PitchMe Online is a channel for New Zealand inventors and creators to talk to an avid audience of online shoppers. And for shoppers to get great deals and offers!

How does it work

PitchMe Online has built a custom studio for New Zealand companies to demonstrate their products and services. Suzanne Paul leads a team of presenters who know how to tell the story behind a product and show the real value for consumers. We show a new featured product or service everyday on our YouTube Channel and notify our followers through social media and email.

How much will it cost

For shoppers, PitchMe Online is free. Watch videos about products and services you're interested in and get coupons and deals only available for PitchMe. 

For product and service owners, click "Apply Now" and enter your name and email. We'll reach out so you can tell us more about how to use PitchMe Online to find new customers and sales online.

How do I get started?

If you are a New Zealand Business and would like to know more, please enter you name and email address in the "Apply Now" form below.

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