The natural way to kill that cough.

Is it the same thing every year? You start with a tickly throat, that becomes the scratchy throat, then the ahem throat, and just when you thought it might clear up on its own, it suddenly turns into the gargling-with-broken-glass throat. Or maybe you’ve still got that Covid-cough… you know, like the unwanted guest still hanging around long after the party’s over? So annoying.

What you need is a bottle of Kumarahou Cough Syrup from Nature’s Therapeutics. Extracted from the plant powerhouses in our native bush, then formulated and refined in a lab facility, Kumarahou Cough Syrup is where traditional medicine and science merge. It deals to those nasty coughs like magic… only it’s not magic, it’s Nature!

Go online, and order your Kumarahou Cough Syrup, in any of four sizes – then just enter the code PITCHME at checkout, and you’ll automatically get a full 20% cough! Sorry… 20% off!