Are you spending hours and hours cleaning up your home when you would much rather be doing… well, pretty much anything else? The answer’s simple – get yourself an @irobotnewzealand Roomba j7+ – your own personal cleaner!

The latest in a line of industry-leading robot cleaners, the j7+ takes things a step further with it’s patented 3-step cleaning system and Precision Vision Navigation – which scans for obstructions and remembers the layout of your home! It’s even got built in Wi-Fi – meaning you can control your Roomba from anywhere in the world! Not only that, but with Automatic Dirt Disposal – it even makes it’s way back to the CleanBase® station and empties itself – and get’s right back to work! That’s right, the Roomba is a seriously smart machine.

Right now, i-Robot is giving away a box of eVac bags with every j7 model, and that’s not all – get your Roomba now and we’ll deliver to anywhere in the country, absolutely free*

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