Are you tearing your hair out, trying to find great haircare?

Well, now there’s Mia Belle – a huge range of total personal care, that includes your perfect shampoo and conditioner combo!

And they are the best thing since sliced bread. Because we’re talking sliced shampoo (you read that right!).They don’t come in bottles – they come in bars. Designed by cosmetic chemist Catherine Sanvictores, the luxurious formulations prove you can ditch the plastic bottle and be mindful of the environment… without giving up salon quality for your hair care.

Go to the Mia Belle website and check out the special PitchMe bundle deal… a shampoo bar, a conditioner bar, and a fantastic hair masque treatment for only $55 – you save over 15%! And that’s not all – order now, and you’ll also get a fantastic shower steamer (it’s like a great bath bomb, but for your shower) absolutely free!