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What is PitchMe?

PitchMe Online is New Zealand's newest online shopping channel. We found that many products and services need demonstration for shoppers to fully understand the value. So we created a YouTube Channel devoted to showcasing all the products and services we love - with deals and discounts for PitchMe followers

Why are we doing PitchMe

2022 has been a difficult year already for New Zealand companies. Many trade shows that would normally be so important for showcasing products and services have been cancelled. The future for public gatherings is unclear. Meantime, online shopping is going from strength to strength. PitchMe Online is a channel for New Zealand inventors and creators to talk to an avid audience of online shoppers. And for shoppers to get great deals and offers!

How does it work

PitchMe Online has built a custom studio for New Zealand companies to demonstrate their products and services. Suzanne Paul leads a team of presenters who know how to tell the story behind a product and show the real value for consumers. We show a new featured product or service everyday on our YouTube Channel and notify our followers through social media and email.

How much will it cost

For shoppers, PitchMe Online is free. Watch videos about products and services you're interested in and get coupons and deals only available for PitchMe. 

For product and service owners, click "Apply Now" and enter your name and email. We'll reach out so you can tell us more about how to use PitchMe Online to find new customers and sales online.

How do I get started?

If you are a New Zealand Business and would like to know more, please enter you name and email address in the "Apply Now" form below.

If you're a shopper who loves to know more about great products and services, and especially get great deals and discounts, then enter your name and email in the Get Alerts section of the Shoppers page. We will keep you updated with alerts and emails when we have new products and services we know you will love

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