Was your Grandma’s chutney the best ever?


Coromandel Chef Andy Corles handmade chutneys and dressings for his own diners. They loved them so much, he decided to bottle them. Thank goodness – because now we all get to dig in to Castle Rock Chutneys and Dressings!

Real fruit, herbs, spices and vinegar – no artificial flavours, preservatives or gluten, and no cheap vegetable oils used to bulk things out. They’re vegan friendly, and there are even “no added sugar” options if you’re diabetic or on Keto. Seriously – even your Grandma’s chutney was never this good!

Just go to, use the code PITCHME, and when you order over $50 worth of dressings and chutneys, they’ll throw in an extra large chutney, and an extra large dressing, for free. That’s right – they’re a $27 value, but they can be yours… absolutely free!